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Trump visits Mexico border wall: 'They should paint it black' |  abroad

Trump visits Mexico border wall: ‘They should paint it black’ | abroad

Former US President Donald Trump criticized his successor during a visit to the border with Mexico. Trump concluded, “Biden is destroying our country,” joined by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and dozens of other prominent Republicans. Also noteworthy: it is believed that they should paint the boundary wall black.


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Trump visited the border to bring attention to the topic at the heart of his original presidential campaign: tackling illegal immigration. He claimed on FAR that “millions of people” are entering the country illegally. “They should paint the wall black,” Trump said. “Then it gets so hot that no one is trying to climb over it.”

Despite his defeat in the election, the 75-year-old Trump remains one of the most influential figures in the Republican Party. He has yet to say whether he wants to run again in the 2024 presidential election. His host Abbott is also seen as a possible Republican presidential candidate.

180,000 immigrants

Immigration remains a highly politically sensitive topic in the United States. Border guards met 180,000 migrants in the border region with Mexico in May. That was the highest monthly total in nearly two decades, according to CBP Border Security Service figures.

Republicans blame Democrat Joe Biden for partially rolling back Trump’s tough immigration policy and halting construction of a border wall. “We’ve done a great job,” Trump said. Now we have open borders. Very dangerous.”

The former US president during his speech on the border with Mexico. © AFP

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