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Elon Musk: “Apple’s App Store fees are completely unreasonable” – IT Pro – News

Is this self-driving story on Tesla only available as a subscription? Or you can also buy the feature in 1x?

By itself I can gain some understanding of Abu’s model of self-driving. Not just to make good money, but the AI ​​for self-driving is not just software and some servers like the App Store of course. If you set up an app store, it’s scalable and with some simple bug fixes and patches, you can spend the year for a tiny amount of money.
If you’ve seen a presentation of Tesla’s AI chip, it gives some insight into what’s involved. Anyway, it’s constantly tampered with, but if someone steps into a Tesla once while on autopilot, a check will be placed in the registry. Then, at a given moment, all the data from that interference (camera, sensor images, GPS) are sent to the head office and they investigate what was going on. Was it a bug or did the driver himself or other road user do something crazy. If they see something as a problem with the software, they a) look at how to fix it and b) see if something like this has happened again in the “fleet”. Because they can. For example, the program turned out to be confused about which bikes were on a stand on the back of the car. Perhaps the program directly in front of you crossed over and hit the brakes or something. So they requested such photos from the fleet and taught the AI ​​that such a photo is not a problem. Just a car seen from behind with a bike on it.
This is just a small example, but I think they have a nice staff of people who have to evaluate and analyze such things, and eventually program a solution in AI. So it’s not just an army of programmers, but I think they are AI specialists.

Of course, Tesla doesn’t exist solely for the greater good or humanity, and Musk wants to earn a lot. But Tesla is not Apple. You have roughly two options for smartphones, and therefore also for mobile games. Apple (and I think Google, too) is taking advantage of that. Not a big deal in itself, but you shouldn’t make it too much. A little less is also possible.

What may be – but I’m not an expert – a problem for Apple is that if they suddenly drop the fee to 15%, people who have paid 30% for years will start suing again that they have been unfairly disadvantaged all those years. And they want money. No idea if this is a realistic possibility, but America’s knowledge of the culture of its claims wouldn’t surprise me.