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Emerging Saudi Arabia is exploring growth in the United States with new investments

Saudi Arabian Farmer Red Sea Farms recently completed its latest financial round. The investment target exceeded 8.5 million euros. A total of மில்லியன் 13 million was raised from investors from their home country, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Increased investment is accelerating the potential of Red Sea farms to expand their operations in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and exploring growth opportunities in the United States where growing conditions are difficult. Red Sea farms use solar and saltwater cultivation methods.

International investors
The initial investment came from a group of initial Saudi and UAE investors, including Aramco Venture Wade, the Saudi government’s future investment venture, firm, Cost and Global Ventures, UAE Venture Capital Group. Following that, interest was raised from US investors Offharvest and Bonaventure, which provided மில்லியன் 5 million.

AppHarvest is a company that develops and operates application technology in greenhouses in Appalachia.

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