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Skills Validated By CompTIA A+ Certification And How To Acquire Them

As the IT industry grows, more individuals are attracted to it. But not everyone realizes how. Therefore, those who want to try a hand in this field are advised to start their journey by earning the CompTIA A+ certificate. This is because this certification track is entry-level and also vendor-neutral. However, most beginners don’t know what skills it validates and how to gain them. So, that’s what this article is about.

More Details About The A+ Certification

This designation is achieved through passing two evaluations, which are 220-1001 as well as 220-1002 exams. The former concentrates on mobile devices, hardware, cloud computing, virtualization, and network technologies plus troubleshooting. And the second one focuses on expanded security, operational processes, and installation together with the setting up of operating systems. There are no strict conditions that candidates have to meet before going for them. At the same time, it is recommended that each applicant already has more than 9 months of practical experience in IT.

Expertise Confirmed By A+ Certification

There are several competencies that applicants gain as they prepare to pass the exams associated with the CompTIA A+ certification. First, aspirants learn how to point out, utilize, plus connect hardware elements and devices. Second, they master how to install as well as configure various operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Third, they should gain competence in the varieties of networks along with connections as well as how to diagnose and repair them. Another skill this qualification validates is the troubleshooting of software on both mobile devices as well as PCs. Candidates must also gain a deep understanding of the various concepts in cloud computing plus virtualization and how to deploy this technology. The configuration of mobile devices is the other expertise they need to have. Lastly, candidates will be taken through the best practices applied in the IT industry. How can you acquire these skills?

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Ways Of Acquiring The Required Skills

There are many methods one can utilize in gaining the skills to complete the A+ accreditation path. One of them is through working in the IT industry. However, below there are the two best methods which you can use from the comfort of your own home:

  • Use official prep tools

CompTIA has developed a training program to impart knowledge to candidates going for the A+ certification. The peculiarity of this set of preparatory tools is that they fully correspond to the final exam content. Thus, there are many options students can choose from that best suit them. For instance, there is the eLearning choice that includes a study plan and questions. Other options such as instructor-led learning and labs are available as well. 

  • Use practice tests to study

Although some people may discourage their use, they are still among the best and effective mode of study. The advantage of using practice tests for the A+ exams is that you can identify knowledge areas that need improvement. Also, you can gauge how you are going to perform in the actual tests and how ready you are.

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Although the CompTIA A+ designation is entry-level, it can still be challenging to attain. Therefore, knowing how to acquire the skills it covers is a huge step towards earning the desired certification. Utilize the methods discussed and increase your chances of getting a passing score with more ease!