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Emilia Clarke for Solo: A Star Wars Story flop

Emilia Clarke for Solo: A Star Wars Story flop

Han Solo is one of the most famous and well-known Star Wars characters, but that doesn’t mean every project he pops into is a guaranteed success. For example, just think Solo: The Star Wars Movie. This film was met with a mixed reception. Emilia Clarke He thinks he knows how this happened.

The actress plays the role of Qi’Ra in it Ron HowardA movie, but despite the necessary big names and hype around the project, it didn’t get much success. Clarke believes this is largely due to the resignation of the original director duo, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

problem project
So Clark says:So Solo was seen as a problem project. One can’t separate all the gossip and the movie and that didn’t help…

However, the movie has gained popularity since it was shown on Disney+. The actress is very happy with this: “I’m so happy to hear that because I loved my character, as well as Han Solo, the story, and all the people I’ve worked with. It was a very nice experience and I am very happy that people can still enjoy it!

any return?
Clarke was also asked if she would return if Qi’Ra was the planned series around Lando, which is still in Solo. Donald Glover been interpreted.

Anyway, I haven’t been contacted about it yet. Anyway, the Lando series sounds like a really cool idea! I say go for it!