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Lorde seems to have "stealed" a new single from George Michael, but his family is okay with it |  Music

Lorde seems to have “stealed” a new single from George Michael, but his family is okay with it | Music

MusicNew Zealand singer Lorde (24) recently released her first single in four years and it looks like she’s been listening to George Michael a lot in the meantime. According to many listeners, the song “Solar” sounds just as powerful as the song “Freedom!” “90”, that the lawsuit must follow. But nothing could be further from the truth, as it turns out. Michael’s relatives consider it an honor above all else.

Relatives of the famous singer wrote in the official accounts on social media: “We see that many people associate ‘freedom with solar energy.'” George is honored to hear that, so from one great artist to another, we wish her every success with the single.

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By the way, Lorde’s song is also similar to the song “Loaded” by the Scottish band Primal Scream. She realizes this, but it wasn’t intentional in her opinion. “I’ve never listened to Primal Scream in my life and have only been advised of it once,” she said recently. “I wrote the song on the piano and then we realized it was very similar to ‘Loaded’.”

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I called the band’s official, Bobby Gillespie. “He reacted well. He said, ‘Things like this happen, it just grabbed the vibe we’ve been finding for years.'” And he blessed him. So, officially: “Loaded” is the blueprint for this song one hundred percent, but we got there naturally. And I Happy with that.”

After the release, the band wrote on Twitter: “We love the new song from Lorde.”

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You may also know the song “Freedom” by Robbie Williams, who began his solo career with her in 1996. When Lorde was composing her new song, she initially thought it was like “Rock DJ,” the 2000 song. The result is nothing like that, but she borrowed the phrase . Where in Williams ‘Can I kick it?’ Yes, you can! He can be heard, Lord sing:can i kick it Yes, I can“.

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