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'Eternal Student' Tim DeKlerk Graduates After 14 Years: 'Everybody Knows I'm Not a Runner' |  Special

‘Eternal Student’ Tim DeKlerk Graduates After 14 Years: ‘Everybody Knows I’m Not a Runner’ | Special

Seldom has the term eternal student been more appropriate. Tim Declercq graduated after 14 years with a master’s degree in physical education and physical therapy. Honours. The Deceuninck-Quick Step rider received his certification yesterday.

His mud-soaked clothes have been swapped out for cycling in Toga.

Cyclist Tim DeKlerk proudly displayed yesterday at the Grand-Place in Brussels as a Master in Physical Education and Physiotherapy.

Because of his cycling career, this became a long-term job for Declercq. It took the contestant at least 14 years to complete the process.

“Everyone knows I’m not a sprinter, so it took me 30 years to finish my school career,” he said with a laugh on Instagram. “Since my thinning hair is hidden, I can say that it has stayed young forever. But I guess that’s only on the inside.”

Many thanks to my parents for their endless patience and determination to carry on despite the unsuccessful first year.

Tim DeClerk

“However, I am a bit proud that I was able to complete my master’s degree in VUB with distinction. Thank you very much to VUB for making the combination with the best sports possible. My parents for their infinite patience and determination to allow me to continue even though I succeeded quite a bit in the first year. Also My sweetheart for supporting her and relieving me of housework when I had to study again.”

Another thing: Declercq completed his education after delivering his letter. Its title is “Changes in Performance, Muscle and Brain Oxygenation and Speed ​​Strategy in Hypoxic versus Normal Conditions”.

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