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EU and US pledge to significantly reduce methane emissions

In an effort to reduce global warming, the European Union and the United States want to significantly reduce methane emissions. The European Union and the United States today unveiled a plan to release 30% less methane by 2020 than by 2030.

Greenhouse gases Methane (CH4) is the second most important greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide (CO2) and is responsible for about a quarter of current global warming. It is mainly released during oil and gas production, but is also an important methane producer for agriculture, livestock (cattle) and waste processing. Aiming to reduce methane emissions could have major consequences for these sectors, Report Formerly Reuters news agency.

Stopping global warming

The contribution of methane to climate change is increasingly under the magnifying glass. Greenhouse gas is seen as a problem and a solution. Methane ‘lifespan’ is much shorter than CO2, which is active for tens or even hundreds of years. But in that short time, the gas contributes more to global warming than CO2. Pros: Reducing methane emissions has a relatively rapid effect on the rate and magnitude of global warming.

According to US President Joe Biden, that is not the only benefit. Commenting on the project, Biden said reducing methane emissions would also benefit public health.

According to a recent UN study, a sharp reduction over the next ten years will eventually save 0.3 degrees of global warming. “It may seem small, but it is huge,” said Jonathan Banks of the Clear Air Task Force, an organization that supports strict methane legislation. In addition, the warming rate can be reduced. “We can buy time with it. That’s what we’re irreversible Tip points The melting of ice can be avoided. So this is a big move, ”the banks said.

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Ahead of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow in November, The Press on Countries need to announce more measures to control global warming. Last month, the UN. The Climate Group IPCC presented its argument Report Before already dealing with methane. According to the authors it is almost impossible to control global warming to one and a half degrees without rapid and strong reduction of methane. Climate scientists conclude that the concentration of methane will not be this high in 800,000 years.

‘Other countries must participate’

Washington and Brussels’ goal of reducing methane emissions by 30 percent is not legal. So there are no consequences if the goal is not reached. The EU and the United States have called on other major methane emitters, such as China, Russia, India and Brazil, to join the program. New legislation to reduce methane emissions will be issued later this year in both the United States and the European Union. For example, oil and gas companies may be obligated to detect and repair methane leaks at their refineries.