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EU, US pledge to help India: Healthcare can no longer cope with the influx of Govt patients

The Asian nation has been making records of the number of new infections and deaths for several days in a row. In the last 24 hours, 350,000 new infections have been recorded, and 2,700 have been killed in several days. Both numbers may be even greater.

The increasing numbers have a lot to do with the new Indian varieties in circulation in the country. “That variation has flooded the virus market in India at any moment,” virologist Mark van Ronst said this morning on the “seventh day”.

But Indian doctor Hemant Sharma said on the “seventh day” that the so-called second wave was the result of a lax attitude among the people. Intense locking was introduced in the first waves. When the economy later reopened, people began to follow public corona measures less.

However, the Indian health system cannot handle the rapid arrival of corona patients. Hospitals should refuse because there are less beds for patients. Many hospitals also have a severe shortage of oxygen. In recent days, dramatic images of this have spread around the world.

According to official figures, nearly 200,000 Indians have already died from the effects of the corona virus. More than 16 million people are infected with the virus. Nevertheless, those figures should be seen in their context: India has a population of 1.6 billion.

Watch the conversation with Indian doctor Hemant Sharma in “Seventh Day”: