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Brown is aiming for a third Grand Prix in the United States

Brown is aiming for a third Grand Prix in the United States

Since the announcement of the Miami Grand Prix last week, hopes McLaren CEO Jack Brown The third appears on the American Grand Prix calendar. His preference will then be a race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The third race in the United States

Miami recently signed on for ten years to host the Grand Prix around the Miami Dolphins Stadium. In 2021, betting on Austin is also on the calendar, but the contract expires after this year.

Brown has been with the F1 CEO Stefano Dominically Talked about his plan. “I hope to see three U.S. Grand Prix, but it could be too busy at the table.”, Brown said in conversation Indianapolis star.

Cycle between two species, a permanent race

That’s why the American has come up with an idea. “I want to see a permanent race, and then there might be a cycle between two people. So you have three markets, and you have the excitement and excitement if you have a little more shortage.”

Miami is the main event of the three races in the United States and will then be on the calendar each year. But that’s all for now Round of America Built in, I don’t think it should be on the calendar every year. I don’t think they need it every year because Indianapolis was built. ”, Let Brown know.

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