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European champions Italy not yet sure of getting a World Cup ticket, England doing well thanks to Kane’s hat-trick: Race to Qatar 2022 coming to an end |  football

European champions Italy not yet sure of getting a World Cup ticket, England doing well thanks to Kane’s hat-trick: Race to Qatar 2022 coming to an end | football

world Cup of footballWith their victory over Estonia on Saturday, the Red Devils always make sure to grab a direct ticket to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. But what about the other groups? What countries are already set? And which stars still have to work hard? Overview.

The most important things first: Red Devils. A win against Estonia on Saturday is always enough to qualify directly for the World Cup in Qatar. So the last game in Wales is unnecessary. In Tallinn, the match turned from 2 to 5 at the beginning of September, though Many injured No one is thinking of a surprise this weekend Group E.

The winners of Group Ten qualify directly to Qatar. The ten nations that did not finish first and second in their group but were on track in the Nations League will split the remaining three tickets. Twelve candidates for barely three positions. It makes hikes a risky task.

Group A It is a raging battle between Serbia and Portugal. Aleksandar Mitrovic (7 goals in World Cup qualifiers) versus Cristiano Ronaldo (6). Serbia and Portugal each have 17 points, but Ronaldo and his companions, who did not surpass Ireland on Thursday night (0-0), occupy first place on the basis of goal difference. If you don’t lose in a head-to-head match against Serbia on Sunday on the last day of play, Portugal is seeded straight.

1. Portugal: 7 matches – 17 points
2- Serbia: 7-17
3. Luxembourg: 7 – 9
4- Ireland: 7-6
5- Azerbaijan: 8-1

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Remaining program:
November 14: Luxembourg – Ireland
November 14: Portugal – Serbia

Cristiano Ronaldo and his buddies didn’t get past Ireland tonight. © Action Images via Reuters

• also in group b We get a duel that will be decided on the last day of play. Sweden, with Ibrahimovic at the base, surprisingly lost to soccer dwarf Georgia 2-0. As for main rival Spain, he did what he had to do against Greece: 0-1 after Sarabia’s goal. La Roja jumps to the top, one point ahead of Sweden. On Sunday, a net duel with Spain and Sweden will follow on a direct ticket.

1. Spain: 7 matches – 16 points
2- Sweden: 7-15
3. Greece: 7 – 9
4- Georgia: 8 – 4
5- Kosovo: 7 – 4

Remaining program:
November 14: Greece – Kosovo
November 14: Spain – Sweden

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• in a group c It’s also sexy. European champions Italy are still not sure of their participation in the World Cup. After a 1-1 draw (and a penalty missed by Jorginho) against Switzerland, Squadra share the lead – a first on a goal difference basis. On the last day of the match, Italy will go to Northern Ireland, and Switzerland will play Bulgaria at home.

1. Italy: 7 games – 15 points
2- Switzerland: 7 – 145
3- Northern Ireland: 7-8
4- Bulgaria: 7 – 8
5- Lithuania: 8 – 3

Remaining program:
November 15: Northern Ireland – Italy
November 15: Switzerland – Bulgaria

Roberto Mancini, coach of the Italian national team.

Roberto Mancini, coach of the Italian national team. © Photo News

• Title holders France in group d In the same situation the Red Devils. A victory over little brother Kazakhstan – only 3 out of 21 – is enough to get a direct ticket to the World Cup. On the other hand, getting a place in the playoffs is exciting. Ukraine (played another match), Finland and Bosnia in a handkerchief.

1. France: 6 matches – 12 points
2- Ukraine: 7 – 9
3- Finland: 6 – 8
4- Bosnia and Herzegovina: 6-7
5- Kazakhstan: 7 – 3

Remaining program:
November 13: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland
November 13: France – Kazakhstan
November 16: Finland – France
November 16: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ukraine

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• in a group and The verdict has already been pronounced. Denmark took 27 out of 27 and was confident of their trip to Qatar. The battle for second place was decided Friday evening. Scotland beat last-placed Moldova 2-0, while Israel lost to Austria, who were surprisingly eliminated. They could still be caught in the play-off games in March after their solid campaign in the Nations League.

1. Denmark: 9 matches – 27 points
2. Scotland: 9-20
3. Israel: 9 – 13
4- Austria: 9-13
5. Faroe Islands: 9-4
6- Moldova: 9-1

Remaining program:
November 15: Israel – Faroe Islands
November 15: Scotland – Denmark
November 15: Austria – Moldova


Denmark. © Photo News

• After their absence in 2018, the Netherlands may not abandon this starting position. orange lead in Group G Two points over Norway – still without Erling Haaland’s shooting prize – and four over Turkey. The Van Gales Troops play in Montenegro on Saturday. On Tuesday it will host its rival Norway in Kwep. If Norway leaves points against Latvia on Saturday in the evening, the orange can already qualify in Montenegro. With a goal difference of +23, two draws against Montenegro and Norway are also enough.

1. Netherlands: 8 matches – 19 points
2- Norway: 8-17
3. Turkey: 8 – 15
4- Montenegro: 8-11
5- Latvia: 8 – 5
6. Gibraltar: 8 – 0

Remaining program:
November 13: Norway – Latvia
November 13: Turkey – Gibraltar
November 13: Montenegro – Netherlands
November 16: Gibraltar – Latvia
November 16: Montenegro – Turkey
November 16: Netherlands – Norway



group h he is battle Between Russia and Croatia – lost the 2018 final. Russia has a two-point advantage. The rest follow at a very far distance. Russia easily beat Cyprus 6-0 and Croatia had no problem with Malta: 1-7. The decision will be made in a head-to-head match on Sunday. Modric and Associates. He should win then, because having to compete in unexpected jumps would be a small blow.

1. Russia: 9 matches – 22 points
2- Croatia: 9-20
3- Slovakia: 9-11
4- Slovenia: 9-11
5. Malta: 9-5
6- Cyprus: 9-5

Remaining program:
November 14: Malta – Slovakia
November 14: Slovenia – Cyprus
November 14: Croatia – Russia


Modric. © Environmental Protection Agency

• in a The first group Only a miracle could prevent England from getting a World Cup ticket. The Three Lions beat Albania 5-0 thanks to a hat-trick from Harry Kane, putting them three points ahead of second-placed Poland. On the final day of play, England will face San Marino – so it looks like the job is done. Poland is already sure of the second place.

1. England: 9 games – 23 points
2. Poland: 9-20
3- Albania: 9-15
4- Hungary: 9-14
5- Andorra: 9-6
6. San Marino: 9-0

Remaining program:
November 15: San Marino – England
November 15: Albania – Andorra
November 15: Poland – Hungary

Harry Kane.

Harry Kane. © Photo News

• Germany, which made firewood from Liechtenstein (9-0), was the first country to qualify for Qatar. in a J . group Aside from the sudden defeat against North Macedonia, she had little to no problems with the opposition. Romania, North Macedonia and Armenia will compete for a place in the play-offs until the last day of play.

1. Germany: 9 matches – 24 points
2. Macedonia: 9-15
3 – Romania: 9 – 14
4- Armenia: 9-12
5- Iceland: 9-9
6- Liechtenstein: 9-1

a program
Today: Romania – Iceland
Today: Germany – Liechtenstein
November 14: Armenia – Germany
November 14: Liechtenstein – Romania
November 14: North Macedonia – Iceland

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outside Europe

There is, of course, a lot of serious work on other continents. in a Africa Morocco and Senegal are already confident of Qatar. in a Asia The usual suspects return. Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Australia are on the right track. Surprise: Japan still has to do everything they can to get a ticket for the play-offs. in a South America There are still seven or eight matches sometimes. Do not worry Brazil and Argentina. Ecuador, Colombia and Uruguay are vying for the other two tickets. The country in fifth place still has a safety net through the play-offs. in a Central and North America It seems that Mexico, the United States and Canada qualify for Qatar 2022 without many problems.