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European Commission: Apple violates European Union rules with the App Store – IT Pro – News

This is a load of BS!

Everyone must follow the rules, including Apple. And I think we all realize that Apple is not adhering to the intent of those rules, but I think Apple is going to be aggressive about the wording of those rules, because the European Union is set up so that you can pass a herd of mammoths that tankers are sailing through without bumping into anything important… The Commission could The European Union can think of all sorts of things, but we still live in a constitutional state, let it end with a lawsuit!

This will eventually lead to that
#1 The EU Commission is right, Apple was fined heavily and Apple changed hands.
#2 The EU Commission is not right, the EU Commission is tightening the rules and Apple still has to shake things up.

It takes time, it costs money, and as end users, we don’t gain anything directly from it. However…as the article also mentions, the EU (and the US) are busy suppressing large multinational corporations so they don’t become too powerful. This ultimately benefits us all, even if not now and perhaps indirectly as well.

The whole Apple App Store nonsense is nothing more and nothing less than big parties fighting for our money. Regardless of who “wins,” we will not see lower prices.

And about choices. If app providers choose to offer apps only through another app store, we can accommodate that To elect Do not use these applications. Now I’ve already done that, and I won’t be adding any app stores on my iOS/iPadOS devices. I’m very happy that the rules around emulation have been relaxed and I took advantage of it right away in the Apple App Store. I have a similar approach with the Epic Store, for example. If it has exclusives (all bought with Fortnite/Tencent money), I won’t buy that exclusive. It’s too bad that if they were titles that were exclusive to Epic, I wouldn’t immediately buy them (if at all) on Steam when they were released, at most if they were heavily discounted during a sale (but I usually end up getting them via a bundle for a deal). . I buy great games on Steam, GoG, and (but even on the latter I waited until D4 came out on Steam and bought it there)…

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We have an excellent choice, even with the EU and Apple nonsense. We can choose to buy/not buy an iPhone, we can choose to jailbreak/not jailbreak an iPhone, we can choose to continue using/not just using the Apple App Store, etc.