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SwitchBot launches a smart home remote with Matter power for 70 euros – Image and Sound – News

Also, the material in its current form has no meaning at all. However, the material solves something that is not a problem.

The issue basically only solves control and unambiguous coupling. Functionally, it is already available with Home Assistant, Homey or others.

The fact that Standard allows you to add your own non-standard stuff means it died before it was born.
Nearly 100% of the most serious home automation equipment makers have a sales marketing department. As I said here before. Sales marketing destroys everything. So departments will insist that you “also” have to have the company’s app/functions.
So they will always add something non-standard, so you can’t ignore them. Because sales marketers naturally want their brand to remain in customers’ minds.

The material’s little cousin (the thread) is also useless. We already have a non-IP protocol (as in it’s not on your WiFi network) which is currently more capable than threading support and which is also being developed. Zigbee (and also z-wave perhaps). (Note for the purists among us. Both Zigbee and Thread are based on IPv6)

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