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European countries reintroduce ban on US tourists

Door Barry Nilet, CNN

The possibility of a trip to Europe for Americans is beginning to decline again as countries take new steps in response to the recent rise in Govt cases in the United States.

Earlier this week, The European Union has announced It removed the United States from the safe list and instructed 27 member states to reconsider access to non-essential U.S. travelers.

Earlier this year several major tourist destinations chose to ignore EU advice to welcome much-needed visitors from the United States. Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden were the first to impose new rules.

Until September 4, the Netherlands declares the United States a “high-risk area,” adding that Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and northern Macedonia will be added to the list as new additions, the report said. Government site.

Although travelers from these and other high-risk countries are allowed to enter once fully vaccinated, they still need to be isolated for 10 days. From September 6, they will have to test negative for cov.

Sweden, which previously exempted US travelers from the ban on all non-European travelers, removed the country from the approved list, along with Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and northern Macedonia.

The tourism sector where epidemics are spreading

Country stated: In a press release The measure applies to all non-essential visitors, those who have been vaccinated or not vaccinated, although those who have recently submitted a negative test may be exempt from Swedish residence permit.

He said Swedish authorities were exploring whether to allow full vaccinations from specific provinces and “will come to this issue later”.

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Italy, one of the first European countries to open its borders earlier this year, has introduced new measures that will affect arrivals from all over, including the United States.

By August 31, all visitors must show evidence of PCR or Govt antigen testing within 72 hours of travel, even if vaccinated.

Passengers who have not been vaccinated or have evidence of recovery from coitus should be isolated for five days after arrival and have a smear taken, the Italian Ministry of Health said.

It is not yet clear whether other European countries that rely on the arrival of dollars from the United States to revive the epidemic-affected tourism economies will also reconsider the rules.

Govt cases rose sharply in the United States in July and September, with many new cases being blamed for the delta variant of the disease.

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