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European Parliament acts against LGBT discrimination against LGBT people | Now

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday declaring the entire European Union a zone of freedom for the LGBT people. In this way, the EU presents a protest against the violation of civil rights in Poland and Hungary.

This resolution is more than a national measure that actually restricts the independence of certain groups. Poland, on the other hand, established zones to get rid of the “LGBT ideology”. Last November, the Hungarian municipality of Nagikota passed a resolution banning the “distribution and promotion of the LGBTI campaign”.

Sophie, one of the authors of the MEP and resolution on behalf of D66, is concerned about these developments: Fight what they call the LGBTI ideology. The European Parliament now opposes it. “

The resolution states that the EU will become an LGBT free zone, regardless of local measures such as the Polish zones mentioned above. The parliamentarians also hope that the European Commission will do more to protect these citizens. Member states that violate the rules can be reduced.

“LGBT people should have the same rights throughout the EU to live freely and to display their sexual orientation and gender identity in public. They can do so without fear of tolerance, discrimination or persecution.”

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