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Biden promises vaccinations and barbecue to Americans in first big TV talk |  Abroad

Biden promises vaccinations and barbecue to Americans in first big TV talk | Abroad

In his first major speech, Joe Biden promises that Americans will have a barbecue again on July 4, Independence Day. Vaccines will be available to all adults from May 1. Cattle also help with injections.

Biden promised that this year’s Independence Day would take on a double, special meaning in the United States. Americans can celebrate not only independence from the British Empire, but also freedom from the virus. Biden addressed the nation on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the epidemic. “If we do this together, you have a good chance to go on a picnic or barbecue with friends and family in the backyard or neighborhood to celebrate Independence Day,” the U.S. president said of traditional celebrations on June 4. July.

Biden first spoke live as president on prime time TV. Until now it was almost invisible. Unlike his predecessor Flapper Donald Trump, Biden appears in tightly directed performances. “It’s different for everyone, but we’ve all lost something,” he said, just hours after signing a major $ 9,900 billion bailout package.

“It’s a loss of life for a year, and a loss of life for all of us.” The US President carries a card showing the number of US Corona deaths. As the counter reached 527,726 last night, Biden read the note in his daily chart.

But Biden sounded mainly optimistic, which coincides with growing confidence among Americans that now the number of corona infections has dropped significantly and vaccines are rapidly boosting immunity. By May 1, the corona vaccine will be available to all adult Americans. For example, pharmacies will soon provide vaccinations to all adults in the United States, and large drive-through vaccination centers will be built. Medical students, midwives, dentists and even veterinarians can participate.

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Biden and his team communicate well, and many analysts notice – they set their corona targets relatively low and then successfully announce that they have met. Biden initially promised 100 million vaccines on his 100th day as president. The United States has already reached that number by its 60th day next week. “We didn’t reach the goal, we won the goal.”

Biden called on Americans to follow the instructions of his government and health officials. “I need you,” he said. “Every American must do his part. Get vaccinated and get your chance when it’s your turn.” We have to reintroduce the restrictions to go, we don’t want that. “