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European Parliament suspends approval of Frontex bills |  abroad

European Parliament suspends approval of Frontex bills | abroad

A research conducted by a consortium of European media last week showed that Frontex Involved in illegal push-backs Nearly 1,000 migrants in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. A few days later, Frontex manager Fabrice Legere resigned. In doing so, he expected the publication of a report by the European anti-fraud agency, Olaf, which had been investigating alleged violations at Frontex for a long time. The fraud watchdog is said to have found evidence of the head of the border agency’s involvement in covering up the returns.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament decided to suspend approval of Frontex 2020 accounts pending publication of Olaf’s report. Parliament wants to review the file in the fall. Frontex has secured a budget of 900 million euros for 2022. It quickly became one of the most funded European agencies, spurred by successive migration crises. In 2011, the border agency had to be content with a budget of 118 million euros.

The NGO 11.11.11 is satisfied with the decision of the European Parliament. “This is an important political signal and a sign of mistrust about the state of affairs within the agency,” says Director Els Hertogen. “Parliament makes clear that the agency cannot grow without democratic oversight and respect for human rights.”

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