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European women's associations call for the resignation of Charles Michi ...

European women’s associations call for the resignation of Charles Michi …

European women’s organizations have sent a letter to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, requesting his resignation after “Sofagate”. The letter has already been signed by more than 2,500 people from Belgium, France and Italy, as well as from countries outside the European Union, in less than two days. France described the incident, which occurred on Sunday, as a deliberate act on the part of Turkey.

European President Michel lost his credibility earlier this week during his visit with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Only two chairs were provided for this maintenance and were used by Michel and Erdogan, while Van der Leyen had to sit on the sofa. Michel has been criticized for sitting in the chair just like that and not realizing that a woman has not been provided with a chair in the company.

According to Fondation Millenia, an international organization committed to, among other things, the equality of men and women, Michel made “three major mistakes” that “hit the face of all women”.

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She added that the errors are “against diplomacy, the European Union and human rights, especially women’s rights.”

“When we consider these three big mistakes, it goes without saying that weak apologies will not solve the political gap that the European Union has created towards citizens and the world,” the organization said in its open letter to Michel. They also indicated that media around the world were reporting and laughing at the incident. Therefore, we ask for your resignation from the presidency of the European Council. “

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Among the first signatories to the open letter are the president of the French-speaking Women’s Council in Belgium, Sylvie Lausberg, the member of the Federal Parliament for DéFI, Sophie Rohoni, and the president of the International Law Association for Women, Annie Sauger.

On Sunday, the French Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement Boone, described “Sauvage” as a “Turkey insult” to von der Leyen. He said, “The problem in this issue is not Europe, but Turkey.” It is a Turkish problem that we think happened on purpose. ”Thus, he contradicts the assumption that errors occurred in the European protocol.