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An Iranian nuclear complex incident, the regime talks about a land …

An Iranian nuclear complex incident, the regime talks about a land …

The Natanz complex was closed the day after Iran announced that it would further accelerate uranium enrichment with advanced systems.

The “incident” of Iran’s underground nuclear complex, Natanz, was left without electricity on Sunday after it began further uranium enrichment at the facility. As a result, the advanced centrifuges were stopped. A spokesman for Iran’s civilian nuclear energy program said in a statement that the complex had been damaged by “power cuts” and that there were no casualties, according to the AP news agency. Later that day, the head of the nuclear program spoke of a “terrorist act.”

Interestingly, uranium enrichment at the complex has now been halted because of Iran Announce Saturday It will conduct tests with new and faster centrifuges. The country’s regime appears to have planned the move despite renewed talks with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China over the possibility of reviving the so-called Iran agreement on nuclear program restrictions. Tehran did not name the suspect, but said it had the right to respond.

New penalties

The international treaty to prevent the building of an Iranian nuclear arsenal was concluded in 2015, but under former President Donald Trump, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in 2018. Trump has also reimposed sanctions on Iran. Iran denies violating the accords, but has since repeatedly announced steps that contradict the spirit and content of the accords. The new US president, Joe Biden, had promised to join the nuclear treaty with Iran, and there would be “indirect talks” between those countries.

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Several analysts cited Natanz as still standing now, and described a suspicious situation. The complex was often the target of sabotage. In July, a fire broke out in the complex. In 2010, the Stuxnet computer virus caused a serious malfunction of Natanz’s systems. The International Atomic Energy Agency told international news agencies on Sunday that it was “aware” of the reports of power outages, but would not comment further.