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"Every little helps, it really helps!"  - The Daily Standard

“Every little helps, it really helps!” – The Daily Standard

At NOS, they also run the UN climate report and ask themselves: What can you do yourself as a citizen, and does it make sense? Then they talk about meager efforts that don’t help at all, but make you feel good.

Eating less meat and solar panels and going on vacation in our country: It all makes sense, says Pim Noselder of Milieu Centraal. The information organization has calculated the climate benefits of behavioral change. If all 10 recommendations are followed, each Dutchman can save about 10,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. Then you’re an extreme vegan going on vacation alone around the corner at the campsite (by bike!).

“There are more than 17 million of us in this country, and together 17 million people can make a very significant contribution,” Nuselder says. But it is clear that he and the whole articleMainly focused on the Netherlands. They simply ignore the influence of other countries.

In fact, they are just pretending that a country with a population less than Beijing can have a nice effect. This is absolute nonsense. We can reasonably well measure how much the Netherlands emits and how much less we can emit. The effect is quite sad, especially when you think of a country like China, with more than a billion people, in the next nine years Much more It will continue to emit.

It’s another typical article that overestimates the Dutch consumer’s impact and makes the solutions and contributions small and manageable. Indeed, it is a form of self-flagellation that NOS is trying to talk to us about: just set a good example and adjust your whole life, hoping that billions of Chinese and Indians will eventually see the light too. As if they haven’t read the IPCC report (Did they, do nothing with her).

The focus in tackling climate change must be on the biggest polluters. In terms of pollution, the largest countries are first, and the largest companies are next. You’re done with that metric and if it’s still not enough, you can start thinking about measures, like taking a shorter shower and some solar panels on your roof. In NOS they focus on the sliver because they don’t want to see the ray.

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