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"Eviva España" singer Samantha has died at the age of 75

“Eviva España” singer Samantha has died at the age of 75

Christiane Bervoits went to the WZC De Regenboog in Zwijndrecht at the age of 64, where she died on Friday morning at the age of 75. In an interview with Welcome everyone She said last year that she was doing well there. “I need care, and I get it here. It’s just like a hotel here.”

Samantha, the stage name of Bervoits, rose to fame with her summer single in 1971. The singer achieved international fame with the song “Eviva España”. It has been covered at least 400 times and the song has sold 42 million copies. Although she released more than 30 songs, only one song remained in the collective memory.

Seven years ago, Christiane had to stop singing. Her illness – multiple sclerosis – has greatly affected her voice. “In 1992 I attended the Ghent Festival. One of the musicians noticed that my foot was hitting me when I stood up. The doctor said I wouldn’t be able to perform anymore. And yet I did it for a long time. First with a crutch, then sitting in a chair, and finally in a wheelchair. I’ve never been ashamed to go on stage like that. I’ve received praise for it: “We think it’s brave that you want to do that,” she said last year. Welcome everyone.

Watch the video for her hit song “Eviva España” here:

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