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Do Han and Marth agree with Gordon's statement?  “If it were up to us, it would now be K50” |  showbiz

Do Han and Marth agree with Gordon’s statement? “If it were up to us, it would now be K50” | showbiz

TV‘K2 Looking for K3’ Judge Gordon (53) has been under fire for a while now. During the audition rounds, the Dutch singer was not shy to give his pure opinion. Something that was not always appreciated by the public. But what exactly do Han, 27, and Marth, 25, think of his statements? “We already have a strict jury,” the ladies say.

Gordon hasn’t uttered words in the past few weeks at K2 looking for K3. According to him, one of the candidates did not have charisma. He is also often critical of the participants’ appearance. The audience found his statements extremely rude. “This is not what K3 stands for.”

Han and Martha also made their voices heard in the meantime. In an interview with ShowbizzTV they gave their opinion about the whole situation. The two certainly didn’t always get along with Gordon, but they admit he was right sometimes. “Sometimes we are very grateful that we chose a very tough jury, because they have to get the best results out of hundreds of candidates,” Hanne explains.

make a decision

Han and Marty also indicated that they would prefer not to make decisions that the jury would have to make themselves. “If it had been up to us, it would now be the K50. We think everyone is great.” In addition, the two women also preferred not to comment on their future colleague. “That’s why we follow him, but let the jury make the biggest decisions and she does it very well.”

However, Han and Martha are not afraid to contradict Gordon if necessary. During one of the test rounds, the Dutchman said one of the candidates was too ordinary for K3. But according to Hanne and Marthe, participants should not be judged on that basis. “In everyday life we ​​don’t look like we’re looking at the stage, the design does a lot inside K3.”

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