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Ex-Trump adviser fears more behind threats: “He's taking the idea of ​​leaving NATO very seriously” |  Abroad

Ex-Trump adviser fears more behind threats: “He's taking the idea of ​​leaving NATO very seriously” | Abroad

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump, 77, is joking when he hints that the US will pull out of NATO is seriously mistaken. John Bolton (75), the former adviser of the former American president, has said this in an interview given to the 'Politico' news site. “He is taking very seriously the idea of ​​withdrawing from the coalition,” it said.

During a campaign rally last Saturday, Donald Trump said that Russia “can do whatever” with NATO countries that lag behind in financial and military contributions to the alliance. These reports soon caused a stir. Critics say Trump has encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack America's allies in Europe.

see Trump said Saturday that Russia could “do whatever it wants” with NATO countries that don't spend enough on defense

Excuse me

According to former Trump adviser John Bolton, the former president's threats were not just empty words. “I was there when he almost left NATO during the meeting of member states in 2018,” he says. “So each of those comments reinforces to me that he takes the idea of ​​withdrawing from NATO very seriously, as he has done for more than six years,” Bolton said.

“When Trump complains that NATO allies aren't spending enough on defense, he's not doing that to strengthen the alliance. He's using that as an excuse to get out,” he said.


The US Congress recently passed new measures that would make it more difficult for the president to decide on his own whether to leave a coalition. However, according to Bolton, that won't stop Trump. “This has happened over and over again throughout American history,” he points out. “Congress doesn't want it, but by constitutional logic, such a decision rests entirely in the hands of the president.”

Bolton warns US withdrawal from NATO could have far-reaching consequences “It could even mean the end of the alliance. We are the leaders of NATO, and what will be left will be the remnants of some kind of EU-like structure,” he said. “This would be catastrophic for America's credibility in the world. If we were willing to throw NATO overboard, no American alliance would be safe anymore,” concludes the former adviser.

Bolton does not support Trump's re-election. He recently called Trump a selfless and incompetent politician who could never be president again. “World leaders think he's a laughing stock,” the former adviser said.

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