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Spitz is no longer a Dutch midfielder:…

Spitz is no longer a Dutch midfielder:…

Sherida Spitze has played 225 international matches, almost all as a midfielder. But that has changed now, with Oranjes Recordinternational now on the defensive. He expands his knowledge in his new position with next Friday’s match against England at Wembley.

For a while it looked like Sherida Spitze would not be in the squad for the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. Andries Jonker tried with Damaris Egurola in place of Spitz. The 33-year-old international has continued to work hard and is loathe to make premature decisions about whether his starting place in the Dutch national team will end.

But when Jonker switched formations and started playing at full back, he deployed Spitz as a right central defender. Playing as a midfielder for the Netherlands since 2006 takes some getting used to. But “it is what it is,” thinks Speight. And that’s how she sees herself now.

“Of course I can still play in midfield, but I think certain qualities come to the fore, considering the qualities I have, I keep getting the ball, I depend. Central defenders at ‘six’. Now I can serve the midfielders. ,” concludes the defender. According to Spitz, the position switch has come at the right time as he plays with confidence and has one top match after another.

Playing as a defender is a big step up from playing in midfield for years. “When do you pay attention in rush hour and when do you not? When do you back off? I’m suddenly last and there’s no longer a whole queue behind me. But actually it goes well and I rarely get into trouble,” he says. Captain.

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On Friday, the Orange Lions will play against England Women, led by former Orange coach Sabrina Wickman. Around 70,000 supporters are expected to attend the match at Wembley Stadium. For Spitz, the football dream continues to be a keeper: “I think it’s great that I get to experience it. Wembley was still on the list, you know. We’ll never forget it.”