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Exalate committed to growth in the US

Exalate committed to growth in the US

A select group includes founders of benchmarks that have raised a million euros or generate annual revenue. Together with Scaleup Vlaanderen, we will search for those Flemish growth companies in the One Million Club.

When organizations work together, trust and autonomy are needed. For example, anyone providing IT services wants to be notified quickly when an incident occurs. The customer and supplier often work with different systems, making it difficult to report an incident and update information about it.

Hilde van Brempt teamed up with Francis Martens in 2015 to develop a solution that allowed enterprise systems to automatically communicate with each other. “Exalate was created within the consulting firm Idalco, which later became a separate entity. In 2022, we sold the consulting arm to obtain additional capital to expand Exalate,” says van Brempt. “Our software allows customers and providers to enter information into a system they always use, and then the information is automatically adjusted to their partner’s system.”

Exalate has 90 employees, 25 of whom are active in Belgium. Van Brempt: “40 percent of our revenue comes from the Americas and 20 percent from the Asia-Pacific region. In the coming months we will focus even more on the US and will also open an office there.

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