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Extreme weather in the United States: California is on fire, while

In Doyle, California, wildfires could not be prevented from spreading to nearby residential areas by firefighters due to high winds.
Photo: A.P.

The weather gods have been targeting the United States for the past few days. New Yorkers are still recovering from tropical storm Elsa pouring rain on their city and region. Meanwhile, California is leading to wildfires under unprecedented heat.

Extreme weather in the United States: California burns, New York sinks
The streets of New York were flooded at any moment, and the subway stations were flooded.
Photo: via REUTERS

Tropical storm Elsa, which caused a landslide in Florida a few days ago from the Caribbean, hit the US states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In New York City, highways were flooded and many subway stations were converted into swimming pools in no time. More than 300 planes had to land.

Extreme weather in the United States: California burns, New York sinks
Americans are trying to cool the Whitewater River in southern California, which has been hit by unprecedented heat waves.
Photo: AFP

While New Yorkers had to take refuge from the apocalyptic rains, Californians sought to cool off in rivers and streams. Their area has been struggling with intense heat for several days, with temperature records fluctuating. Last Friday, the Mojave Desert in California recorded a temperature of 54 degrees, the highest value in 108 years. At Palm Springs, the 49-degree record was reached on Saturday, already for the fourth time this year. The highest alert level applies to large areas of California and Nevada.

Extreme weather in the United States: California burns, New York sinks
The fire spread to nearby residential areas due to strong winds.
Photo: A.P.

Fearfully, a fierce fire broke out here and there. The intense heat that accompanies the drying of trees causes even more wildfires caused by strong winds. As a result, fires spread easily to homes and entire residential areas. In Nevada, a 222-square-kilometer tree is on fire, while in Oregon, less than 311 square kilometers of Fremont-Winema National Park is on fire.

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