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Facebook unveils its own newsletter platform Bulletin – IT Pro – News

Facebook announced its newsletter platform on Tuesday. Bulletin allows writers to create newsletters and send them to subscribers. For now, Facebook will not ask for money from writers who publish via Bulletin.

he met bulletin Facebook wants to compete with Substack. Through Substack, writers can charge their followers for their newsletters. Substack receives a share of the proceeds. It appears that Facebook has a different revenue model in mind, as it does not currently write a fee. It is not clear if this will continue in this way.

at Interview With The Verge, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says Bulletin should enable freelance writers to showcase their work to a wider audience. The company recruited a number of writers to release the service, including Malcolm Gladwell, Tan France, and Erin Andrews. The writers who are the first to join Bulletin are primarily from the United States.

At the moment, writers cannot sign up for Bulletin themselves, as the service is still in beta. Only a limited number of writers are accepted at this time. Ultimately, writers should be able to sign up for the service and start a newsletter.

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