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Starlink needs $30 billion investment according to Musk – IT Pro – News

The quote of about 30 billion is really misleading, I don’t know if it’s a bug or a deliberate click attraction, but it’s very unfortunate anyway.

Musk said they expect to have put in at least 5 billion by the time it becomes profitable, 10 billion at the most. This amount includes investments that have already been made. So nothing “needs another 30 billion”, that’s not true at all.

He cited 20-30 billion as the sum of all investments already made as well as all possible long-term investments, including a series of very ambitious future expansion plans.

They have made several investment rounds and as far as I know the financial picture is complete. If not, Musk can pay for it himself, by the way, he just has to sell some Tesla shares.

(Edit: Watch this series of live tweets from an NBC journalist about Musk’s comments:…tatus/1409901609275084807 )

(release: @Robert Summers For the tag: See the link above for direct quotes from Musk. By the way, even a very disingenuous Reuters article doesn’t claim what the Tweakers title says, so it was mixed up in two steps.)

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