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Nora Gharib cries during the waltz in 'Dancing with the Stars' (video)

Nora Gharib cries during the waltz in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (video)

December 14, 2021 – 12:00 – Culture


In the second episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, gymnast Nina Druel topped the rankings in the first live show, but Moroccan-Belgian Nora Gharib, aged 28, got the highest score of the evening.

Nora and Adrian performed an emotional Viennese waltz at Dancing With the Stars this week. The choreography depicts a falling apart relationship that at times weighed heavily on Nora, who thus faced the period when her relationship with her ex-husband fell apart. It’s still hard, she says. Importance of Limburg.

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Ghribi didn’t really like the Viennese waltz at first. “I also had the wrong idea about that dance beforehand. I didn’t really know what it was about and hope I don’t have to. That seemed pretty dead to me. I didn’t think we could tell anything using that, because you’re just floating something on the floor. But I underestimated him a lot, and on the contrary, he aroused a lot of feelings. ”

During rehearsals, Nora became an emotional stranger, and the actress decided to divorce her husband earlier this year. “Four days ago, that wasn’t what it seemed. For some reason I didn’t want sympathy. I think I blocked those feelings out. But Adrian, who did a great routine by the way, kept pushing and encouraging me. I woke up because I thought I was disappointed.” So I just went for it. I thought: Damn, we’ll let those feelings go.”

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Jury member Jan Koijman thought the choreography was incredibly beautiful, and jury member Wim Vanlesen was also impressed by Nora’s performance. Nora finally got 32 points from the jury, as did Nina Druel last week. “Hey! I saw everyone dance during dress rehearsal and there were some of them that I thought would get the highest score. So I didn’t really expect it to be us. Everyone is doing really well and getting better.”

Watch the waltz by Nora Gharib and Adrian Barinaga (7th minute) below