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Far-right targets KVS

Far-right targets KVS

Michael de Kock, who did not avoid discussion, was right that the culture, which currently gives our country, or Flanders, international appeal, is at odds with this. He said: “Culture means stubbornness, coloring outside the lines, boldness, and freedom.”

In short, there are also two diametrically opposed points of view in society, which is cause for fear.

Subsidy consumers

There are certainly certain counter-cultural sentiments in Flanders, to which Vlaams Belang responds intelligently. This in turn fits into that party’s far-right populism, i.e. the opposition of the elite (“subsidy consumers”) against the so-called “little man” and “common sense.”

But contrary to what Vlaams Belang might suggest, there is actually a large group of Flemish people enjoying what is on stage in Belgium and Brussels every week. Pieces from well-known names often sell out in no time. The performing arts culture created in Flanders has also been successful abroad for a long time. Does all of this need to be fixed? The word “creepy” is very close.

This will all be a problem for Vlaams Belang. Even if the party does not enter a Flemish government after June 9, it has managed to take an important step in the battle of ideas that the party has been waging for decades to have its ideas accepted. The consequences after the next elections may be greater than expected.

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