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The model nicknamed the “Dark Queen” drops her jaw on the beach (video)

The model nicknamed the “Dark Queen” drops her jaw on the beach (video)

Nyakim Gatwesh, also known as the Dark Queen, continues to inspire countless young women with her story.

The 31-year-old model, who was born in a refugee camp in Dima, Ethiopia, has worked her way to the absolute top of the modeling world. This is partly due to her dark, beautiful skin.

When Nyakim was 14, she moved to the United States, where a new world opened up to her. Not always in a positive way, because her dark skin made her stand out among colleagues who made bad comments.

This caused a lot of uncertainty for Nyakim. In recent years I’ve been able to turn that insecurity into self-love and self-confidence.

After several rejections from agencies, she appeared as a model on Instagram. She now has 960,000 followers and is a role model for many young women.

She has worked with Rihanna at Fenty and has photographed several major brands, including Hunkemöller.

“Self-acceptance is the word that took a long time to truly understand and feel. When you look at yourself in the mirror, at just yourself, how do you feel about yourself? That was a question I didn’t know how to answer for a long time. I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel so beautiful I thought, if I couldn’t accept myself, the world wouldn’t either. I needed confirmation from the outside world to accept myself.

Until I knew it wasn’t what I needed. I had to accept myself and learn to feel comfortable in my own skin. “I constantly look in the mirror to remind myself how beautiful I am,” she said in an interview. Amen.

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