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Farhan: Pictures show a surprised policeman checking out a self-driving taxi |  strange

Farhan: Pictures show a surprised policeman checking out a self-driving taxi | strange

strangeWe sometimes hear that self-driving cars are the future. Well, the future has already begun in San Francisco. This leads to strange situations, according to video images in which a police officer wants to pull a self-driving taxi to the side for examination. It seems that “there is no one there”. Then the car sped forward and crossed an intersection.


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12-04-22, 21:33

The Guardian, BBC

Although the photos have been circulating since April 1, it’s no joke. According to ‘The Guardian’ and BBC public radio, the agent wanted a ‘Cruise’ taxi to be pulled to the side due to a problem with the headlights. At a red traffic light, an officer gets out of a police car and goes to the taxi. You hear a passerby say “No one in it, that’s crazy.”

The officer fumbles with the driver’s door, but there is no response. Then the self-driving taxi seems to take off. But once you pass the intersection, the car stops and sets the four turn signals. Drivers often do this when they are standing on the side of the road and there is no visible parking space.

On the other side of the junction, the officers continued to search. Meanwhile, passersby are laughing at themselves. It sounds “hilarious”.

Cruise, part of General Motors, reported that their car stopped and then drove to the nearest safe place. According to the company, their self-driving cars are fitted with sensors that recognize the flashing lights and sirens of police cars until they stop.

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A police officer wants to stop a self-driving taxi. © RV