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Fastned wants to increase the number of charging stations this year from 65 to 253 – picture and sound – news

Fastned wants to build at least 65 charging stations for electric cars this year. It aims to have at least 253 charging stations by the end of this year. Last year, the company built 44 charging stations. In addition, the number of chargers for each charging station must be increased.

In the first quarter of the year Added fast 13 charging stations on its network, 4 of which are in the Netherlands and 3 in Belgium. Three pilot stations in The Hague were also closed, because the concession to do so had expired. As a result, the number of charging stations reached 198 by the end of the last quarter in the six countries in which the company is now active. In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, Fastende is active in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The number of locations where Fastned is allowed to build charging stations has also increased. In the first quarter, Fastned acquired 25 of these charging locations, which means the company is now allowed to build and maintain charging stations at 353 locations.

In addition to placing additional locations, Fastned wants to place additional chargers at their locations. In the first quarter, for example, 87 “ultra-fast” DC chargers were installed at new stations and in upgrades to existing stations. The Fastned network now has 486 fast chargers, increasing the average number of chargers per station to 4.3. This is 0.6 more than the previous year. 300 kW fast chargers are now installed in more than half of charging stations.

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Fastned wants to install approximately 190 additional chargers at existing stations this year, mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. Combined with the construction of new stations, it is assumed that the number of chargers will reach 1,200 by the end of this year, approximately 450 more than at the end of 2021. Then the average number of chargers per station will be 4.5.

The express shipping company also says network usage in the first quarter was 10.2 percent, nearly 3 percentage points more than a year earlier. Last quarter, the company had 433,000 shipping sessions with 128,000 customers, both of which more than doubled. Motorists have shipped about 46 million kilometers at the company and 9.2 GWh of sustainable energy has been delivered. This is 159 percent more than the previous year. Quarterly sales rose 186% to 5.7 million euros.