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Fear of the flu wave -

Fear of the flu wave –

In June, there was a sudden rebound of RS virus among children. The flu epidemic hasn’t stopped at all this winter. Covid-19 is alarming other viruses.

“In twenty years I haven’t seen a patient with RS in the summer,” says Louis Pont, MD, a pediatrician and professor of respiratory infections at UMC Utrecht. against the NRC. “So far, a summer epidemic has been ruled out. Now, the peak of RS virus infections in the Netherlands this summer is higher than the highest peak in the previous six winters.”

But the human metabinium virus, many other winter coronaviruses, and rhinovirus are also unexpectedly common, according to Nivel Sentinel. “Usually in the summer you see mainly rhinoviruses,” Mariet Houfeld, an epidemiologist at Neville, tells the paper.

Fur, like many other experts, fear the flu this winter. “Viruses always come in sequentially, they alternate. Flu epidemics usually come right after the RS virus. If it all happened once, somewhere between November and January, we could see huge epidemics in some places, overwhelming our health care system.”

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