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Ferrari uses an ultra-black camouflage paint that absorbs all light |  the cars

Ferrari uses an ultra-black camouflage paint that absorbs all light | the cars

When car manufacturers begin to test a new model, they often equip it with camouflage. Ferrari appears to have recently tested using Vantablack, which is a paint that’s too black to reflect light.

The people on the popular Varryx YouTube channel saw the car driving and immediately thought of the paint. Since the light is not reflected, you cannot distinguish between the different surfaces and therefore you cannot see the shape of the car properly.

Vantablack can absorb 99.965 percent of visible light, making it one of the darkest materials we know on Earth.

Vantablack was invented by Sari Nano SystemsBased in the UK. The unique fabric was originally developed for military applications and consists of a jungle of light-trapping nanostructures. Light is released as heat energy.

It is unclear if Ferrari is testing with the SF90 from the video whether the paint is suitable for camouflage purposes, or whether they are performing a test drive on the customer’s behalf. Maybe someone wants this color on their car and Ferrari should test if the black makes the car too hot.

The company did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

As a car paint, Vantablack likely has no future. It is not scratch resistant and is very pricey as well. But it is suitable for camouflaging of archetypes. Even darker lions are on the way. Two scientists from the American University of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) developed a material 99.995 percent Absorbs all light.

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