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Fiancée Roxeanne responds to the documentary Hazes: "A Weird Way to Clean Up the Street" |  TV

Fiancée Roxeanne responds to the documentary Hazes: “A Weird Way to Clean Up the Street” | TV

TVEric Zwens, director and fiancé of Roxeanne Hazes, responded on Instagram to the documentary “Kleine Jongen” from the Dutch channel AvroTros. In the movie about André Hazes Senior, private photos of the family can be seen which Roxanne says he didn’t give her permission. After the singer got angry, the announcer decided to adjust the premise of the documentary.

According to AvroTros, Roxeanne was given the opportunity to preview and discuss the documentary, but she would have turned it down. That’s nonsense, says Zwens. “Weird way to clean up your neighborhood,” Zwennes wrote on Instagram about AvroTros’ decision. “There was only contact with the director and co-producer who, after being made clear in a friendly and detailed way that there would be no cooperation, broke off contact unilaterally.”

Roxanne announced on Instagram last night that she did not allow the use of archival materials for the family. According to the 28-year-old singer, these include photos that she shot with her tape recorder. One of the fragments shows one of the last conversations she had with her father.

‘Easy gesture’

Afroteros told our AD colleagues in an earlier response that the private photos Roxanne refers to are not in the documentary, precisely because Roxanne has indicated he does not want to cooperate. “Unfortunately there is a short clip in the front of the series. This has since been modified.” Rachel Hazes’ widow and her son Andre participated in the movie.

Host and producer Vincent TV don’t want to give any further explanation in response to Zoynes’s response. “Nobody has an interest in fighting this issue through the media,” a spokesperson for AvroTros said. “We will not say anything more about that.” Producer Vincent TV also does not want to comment.

Zwens says he will not enter into negotiations over the use of the photos. About a series what had to be made for many reasons and in this way. It’s also a very easy gesture when half of the series is really live. ”Zwennes concluded his message with a message that AvroTros has still not contacted him or Roxeanne.

809,000 people watched the first episode of “Little Boy” on Wednesday.

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