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Trust cannot be restored: Jennifer Lopez is at peace with the end of her relationship  Famous

Trust cannot be restored: Jennifer Lopez is at peace with the end of her relationship Famous

On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez finally confirmed what was taking weeks: the final end of their relationship. No reason was given, the singer and her former soccer player only admitted in a statement that they are better off as friends. They will continue to work together when necessary.

Rumors have swirled about the break for quite some time. Alex is said to have been unfaithful to his fiancée with reality star Madison Licker, which can be seen in the ‘Southern Charm’ series. In one of the episodes, the young woman revealed that she had been in contact with a married player from Major League Baseball. She herself insisted that she had only been in contact with Alex over the phone, but that they had not seen one another face to face. They said, “It was the scandal that finally caused Jennifer and Alex to split up. There were really problems, but Jennifer was so embarrassed about it.”

However, both parties insisted that there might have been problems, but they were still a couple. Alex even traveled to the Dominican Republic, where Jennifer was shooting a new movie, to re-establish relationships. That seems to have worked, as the couple is pictured in a close embrace.

So everything was in vain. Sources say E! News that Jennifer is “at peace” with the interval. It appears that she has been “not happy for some time”. Moreover, the issues around Madison Likroy could have affected the singer. “Once her self-confidence is damaged, it cannot be restored,” it seems. “I feel fine about it. Her decision because she knows Alex will still be a part of her life, just in a different way.”

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According to the same sources, Jennifer no longer sees a future for herself and her ex-fiancé, but the latter still hopes that things will still go well. “For the time being, he respects her desires, but he’s hoping that they get back together. He’s doing everything he can to please Jennifer.”

Famous Jennifer Lopez accessories

Jennifer Lopez and Ojane Noa have been married for nearly a year. © Kos

Jennifer made the knot with producer Ojani Noa in 1997. Eleven months later, the marriage was already on the rocks.

2. Sean “Diddy” Combs

Shaun and Jennifer in her famous Versace dress

Shaun and Jennifer in her famous Versace dress © Reuters

In 1999, Jennifer met rapper Sean Combs on the set of a music video, after which they began a relationship. They will finally be together for two years. According to Jennifer, the breakup was due to Sean’s betrayal. He considers it one of his greatest love.

Jennifer tied the knot with Chris for the second time

Jennifer tied the knot with Chris for the second time © AP

The singer married dancer Chris Judd for the second time, and she met her on the group “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. They married in September 2001, but in June 2002 the marriage ended. Chris later shrugged, “It didn’t work.”

The paparazzi nicknamed Jennifer and Ben

The paparazzi nicknamed Jennifer and Ben “Bennifer” © European News Agency (EPA)

Perhaps the most famous name on the list, definitely partnered with Jennifer. The two earned their own nickname: “Bennifer.” Ben Affleck met the singer on the set of “Gigli”. The two became engaged in November 2002, but canceled four days before their wedding. Not long after, in January 2004, they split up. Jennifer then said, “I lost my self-esteem.”

Jennifer has twins with Mark.

Jennifer has twins with Mark. © AP

For the third time lucky, Jennifer must have thought when, in 2004, she married singer Marc Anthony. Four years later, the couple welcomed twins Max and Amy. But they separated in 2011. “I quickly knew that this marriage was not the right decision,” the singer later admitted, although she still has good contact with the father of her children.

Casper worked as a dancer for Jennifer

Casper worked as a dancer for Jennifer © ANP

A few months after breaking up with Marc Anthony, Jennifer began a relationship with dancer Casper Smart. She also later hired him as Creative Director for her Las Vegas show. In 2014, their relationship ran into trouble when it emerged that Casper was sending messages to a transgender model. In 2016, after a period of flashing light, they split forever. As friends, because Casper later said, “Jennifer is exceptional.”

Drake and Jennifer had a great time together for a few months

Drake and Jennifer had a great time together for a few months © Instagram

After Casper, another rapper followed him, Canadian Drake. They met behind the scenes at one of her concerts, and after a few months it became known that they were actually a couple. In any case, Drake spared no expenses to keep his girlfriend happy, and he reportedly once rented a church that turned her into a concert site, where the two were crowned Prom King and Prom Queen. But the fairy tale was short-lived. When Drake left on a European tour, their relationship slowly faded away. In his song “Diplomatic Immunity,” Drake referred to his ex-wife: “In 2017, I lost J.Lo,” she says.

Alex and Jennifer were engaged, but never married

Alex and Jennifer were engaged, but never married © Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

In 2017, Jennifer got to know Alex Rodriguez. Alex proved he was serious between the two by proposing to his sweetheart in 2019. However, the marriage never came: their marriage was postponed several times due to Corona, and is now completely out of the job.