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Fiction author Brandon Sanderson raised $41.7 million via Kickstarter – IT Pro – News

American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has raised $41.7 million through his Kickstarter campaign. In doing so, it beat the Kickstarter figure it set in early March for funding the publication of four new books. Project Support 185341 Support.

to fundraising Sanderson plans to publish four new books by 2023. Three of these books will be set in the known universe of Cosmere from other books by the American fantasy author. Each story, according to Sanderson, will take place on a fictional planet unique to that universe. It will contain its own animals and plants, as well as a unique magical system. On Become the author’s channel on YouTube Disclosure of the first details of the books.

The first book is published in January 2023, the second in April, the third in July and the fourth in October of that year. The books are available in e-book, audiobook, and premium hardcover form. The hardcover premium edition contains about 400 pages, according to Sanderson. After the Kickstarter campaign ends, there will also be an option to order a plain hardback.

Supporters who deposit $40 will receive a new e-book every three months. Supporters who have transferred €60 will receive an e-book and an audio book every three months. Individuals who deposit $160 will get e-books and the premium hardcover version of the books. All issues can be received from a $220 deposit. As the author imagined other more expensive Layers Where interested parties receive extras.

Sanderson’s Kickstarter campaign started on March 1, ran for 30 days and was supposed to raise $1 million. This amount was quickly achieved because after six hours, according to the core organization Dragonsteel Entertainment, more than 7.5 million euros had been raised through the group. Four days later he was there Already raised $20 million Sanderson canceled the fundraiser of Pebble from 2015 As the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever. That campaign then raised nearly $20.3 million.

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