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Final Fantasy 14 gets a graphic upgrade and no NFTs

Final Fantasy 14 gets a graphic upgrade and no NFTs

On beginning of this year Due to a message from Square Enix president, Yusuke Matsuda, it seems that almost all games from Square Enix sooner or later will do something with NFTs (non-fungible tokens), including Final Fantasy 14. Many MMORPG fans held their breath, but the director of The game Yoshi P (Naoki Yoshida) finally reassured them in a Live broadcast

“We are not planning to put NFT elements in the game at the moment,” Yoshi Bi said, and again later, less ambiguously: “We are not going to NFT. [Final Fantasy] 14 stop.”

During the live broadcast, Yoshi P also confirmed that the MMORPG free trial will return on February 22. The trial was previously closed due to server instability after the release of the Endwalker FF14 extension.

Even better news for FF14 players who don’t care about fringe issues like NFT: the game’s graphical upgrade, which will accompany update 7.0, has also been shown. Higher resolutions for the characters’ hair, skin and equipment are obtained and better shaders come to the game, among other things, but in general the mods match the current look of FF14 and no attempt is made to achieve photo-realism.

The graphics upgrade is still in the testing phase – only tested internally for a month before going live – but some examples have already been provided:

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