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Prepare your entertainment through these apps

Prepare your entertainment through these apps

You don’t always have good internet while on vacation. Do you want to use your smartphone as much as possible? Then you can download your entertainment via these services.

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Offline vacation without missing anything

Today we broadcast almost everything. Makes sense, because we all have high speed internet, especially in the Netherlands. This is not always the case on vacation. You can be lucky that your vacation place does not have WiFi and only a 3G hint comes when the wind is right.

Suddenly you can only use what is currently on your smartphone. With a good setup, this need not be a problem, because you can simply download the entertainment on more and more services.

Video: Your favorite series and movies

Practically all popular video streaming services offer the ability to download movies and series for offline use. I’m thinking of Netflix, Vidoland, Disney Plus On Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix has a big download button with every series and movie available to save. The series and movies can then be found on the Downloads tab. In this section of the app, you will also see the Find More Downloadable Titles button to search for only series and movies that have that download button. Netflix allows you to download up to 100 titles. It varies by title how long you can watch it offline.

It works similarly in Videoland. Only series and movies that have a download icon can be downloaded. However, “Download to Go” only works with a Plus or Premium subscription. After downloading, you have thirty days to watch the series or movie. When you start an episode or movie, you should watch it within 48 hours.

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Read more about it Download movies and series on Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video and Hululand.

Music: Don’t forget your favorite playlists

We used to carry all our music with us as MP3 files, but nowadays we stream everything. Fortunately, it is possible to store music with almost all music services. we have the Best Music Streaming Services for Android Tested if you haven’t made a choice yet.

But downloading all your music not only takes a long time, it also fills up your storage space. This is not the intention. This is why it is smart to choose some playlists or albums that you want to enjoy during the holidays.

With Spotify, some custom playlists, such as On Loop, can be downloaded. Then know for sure that the songs you liked in recent weeks can also be listened to at your vacation destination.

Podcasts and books (audio)

With podcasts and audiobooks, we’re already used to downloading them before listening to them. However, it doesn’t hurt to check your favorite audio apps to see if you already have it all. For example, it is wise to keep several (audio) books on your smartphone if you are going to be away for a longer period of time. we put Best podcast apps included for you.

Traveling with your smartphone

You can also continue to use other apps, even if you don’t have an internet connection. You have to prepare yourself well. For example, by downloading a map of the area via Google Maps. We show how this works in the video below:

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Download offline maps with Google Maps: this is how it works

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