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Find out what’s in Apple’s new M1 iMac, thanks to the latest iFixit glitch

I fix it Carrying out detailed disassembly Apple’s recently redesigned iMac M1 processor has some bad news about how easy it is to fix the new all-in-one. Be it fans, USB ports, headphone jack, power button or speakers, I fix it He says almost any new desktop solution has to be fought with Apple Glue.

Like other M1 Macs, everything is now soldered together – so there’s no RAM or internal storage upgrade even if you unlock it. The good news is if you are To trade Make an effort to open it, I fix it He says that most other interior parts (including ports, webcam, and speakers) are relatively easy to replace with replacement parts.

picture: I fix it

These issues may not be significant at the moment, while iMacs are shiny, new, and Excellent in all respectsBut it can make a big difference in a few years if its components start to wear and fail. I fix it I have always criticized the repairability of Apple devices, but arguably the most important thing for a device like the iMac is that it replaces it less often than a phone or tablet. In our reviewWe called it “the computer you can have if you just want to buy it and not think about it for the next five to ten years.”