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“ IOS 15 gets a nutrition tracker (and more features to look forward to) ”

WWDC will start in less than two weeks. During this event, Apple will reveal the latest operating systems, including iOS 15 For iPhone. This year, not much has come out of the new program. But some details have now been leaked.

IOS 15 Power Tracker

According to journalist Connor Jayce, the iPhone running iOS 15 will have a feed tracker. Food tracker will become part of the Health app. So you can on your own Iphone Track what you ate, calories and nutritional values. It is unclear if you are adding products manually or whether you can select them from the food database. It may also be possible to combine these.

Other innovations

No Jew had spread rumors like this before, so we don’t know how reliable it is. It doesn’t have screenshots, but it claims to have “ watched ” iOS 15. In addition to the feed tracker, you should also expect the following innovations:

  • Dark Mode improvements.
  • Messages app improvements.
  • Small innovations in the Health app.
  • Minor changes in the user interface (user environment).
  • New notification preferences – In addition, the notifications on the home screen look different than they do now.

These above points do not come out of thin air. Early in April, Apple expert Mark Gurman reported that we are in iOS 15 Smarter notifications You can expect, as you can set your preferences based on your activity – for example, not to allow your iPhone to sound when you are at work. In order to compete with WhatsApp, the Messages app will look more like a social network.

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Remarkably, Mark Gorman is A. Tweet about new features More subtle details: “Don’t forget the updated notification banners.” However, it appears to be a claim

WWDC in June

from WWDC It’s the moment Apple introduces iOS 15 – it’s time Monday, June 7. Then we’ll hear more about the new functions that will all be coming to your iPhone this fall.

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