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Firefox password manager will soon be able to fill in logins in other apps on Android

On my desktop I have no problem with that, this is something specifically on Android. You have specified for security that the safe will be locked again after a certain period of time, so it needs to be opened once in a while.

It’s not just unlocking, there are more bugs. The input fields are not recognized as a password field, too many options are displayed (it seems that Firefox is only able to pass the domain to the autofill, not the path it follows?), after unlocking, you can’t exit the “choose popup” for the password to fill in the password (because the GeckoView is released as soon as the app picker appears causing the fill context to stop working, I suspect the bugzilla is wrong).

In fact, every time I want to autofill something, I can play the game of clicking on all the fields one by one hoping for the dropdown to appear. Regarding the (now closed) Github issue, the advice was given to press the menu button and then out of it, and this actually seems to work.

It might work on other devices, I don’t know, but for me the Firefox + Bitwarden combination on Android is constantly annoying. I don’t want to switch to Blink Browser because Google already has a lot of power, but it’s tempting.

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