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Thomas Markle starts YouTube channel: 'I want to testify against Meghan in court' |  showbiz

Thomas Markle starts YouTube channel: ‘I want to testify against Meghan in court’ | showbiz

PropertyWhat do you do when your daughter no longer wants to call you? In the case of Thomas Markle (77), the answer is: start his own YouTube channel, where he wants to present his version of the facts. And that he’s not afraid to kick some royal stalks, is immediately evident from the first episode.

Thomas Markle collaborates with photographer Carl Larsen on his YouTube channel. The two promised to give their opinions on current affairs each week. And that it will be regularly about daughter Meghan Markle and son-in-law Harry, which is already clear from the first episode. In it, Thomas talks about the advice he received from Harry not to speak to the press. “I’m surprised the guy told me not to talk to anyone, but then got on a bus on Hollywood Boulevard for an interview.” Thomas is referring to Harry’s interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show. “I’m amazed that they spend hours talking to Oprah Winfrey and telling them things they shouldn’t tell anyone. I find it very disrespectful to royals. I have a lot of respect for royals.”

Thomas adds that he was surprised that Harry did not fly to ask for Meghan’s hand. “I thought the royals had some dignity after all. Then he would take the time to fly and meet me.”

This red pair

His daughter also gets a kick out of the skillet. Thomas cites the lawsuit brought by his eldest daughter Samantha – Megan’s half-sister – against the Duchess of Sussex. Samantha is asking her half-sister $75,000 (€68,517) because she lied about her in Finding Freedom and in the TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. It’s clear that their dad is siding with Samantha. “In that case, you should win, because Megan’s book was full of lies about her.” Thomas adds that he is eager to testify in court. “I gladly. I have been trying to see my daughter and her red-headed husband live in court for nearly four years now. I will gladly defend my eldest daughter.” According to Thomas, Megan has no leg to stand on. “She can’t defend what she said.”

Meghan’s lawyer said Samantha’s lawsuit was “ridiculous and baseless”: “A continuation of a pattern of disturbing behaviour. So we will give the lawsuit the minimum amount of attention, and that’s all it deserves.”

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