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First Arsenal fish for new owner, but clown fish refuses

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This morning Waterland Nildze Johns employee was on the doorstep for the clown fish, among other things. With landing nets, catching the first fish is easy, but the second has a completely different concept. Each time, the animal lurks behind a stone, inadvertently extending its stay in Vlissingen.

“It will be after childbirth,” says biologist John van der Wein with a laugh. “He’s been looking after Arsenal’s animals for many years and needs to find another way to get the clown fish to Nildze Jones.” We will empty the tank so that it can be easily caught. It should be. “

Nildze Johns is one of the new places for animals. The rest are kept throughout the Netherlands, especially in fisheries. The well-known Cuddly Rays go to Sealife in Schweinning, where they will again get a lot of hands on their scaly bodies in the future. A section also goes to the Wildlife Zoo in Emman.

Van der Wein will definitely visit ‘his’ animals in the future, which he has been caring for for many years. Sepias, in particular, are van der Vein’s favorite animals. They did not go to a public amusement park, but to Wageningen University.

According to Van der Wein, researchers want to get a picture of the movements of the animals. They have been monitored with different cameras for years. “The use of Vlissingen animals for scientific research in the future is very fun.”

Van der Veen is not ready at Arsenal yet because the entire relocation process will last until December. Fish also need to be sold, so there are still many weekly jobs. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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