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Anger after trans-weightlifter Hubbard selected as New Zealand Athlete of the Year

The issue of trance athletes in sports has once again made headlines after controversial weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was selected by a university as New Zealand’s “Athlete of the Year”.

The University of Otago presented the honor to trans athlete Hubbard, who became the first sports star to receive the award in its 113-year history and became the first outspoken trans competitor to compete in a separate event at the Olympics in Tokyo. Last summer.

Despite the failure of his Olympic attempt, Hubbard, 43, was praised by the University of New Zealand for his impact on the sport – winning three gold medals at the Olympics in Japan and becoming the most successful Olympian at the Olympics. History of the country.

Nevertheless, Hubbard, who sparked a debate about the fairness of male-born athletes competing against women, gratefully accepted the award and thanked the University of Otago.

“It is not possible for athletes to finish at the Olympic level without the encouragement and fragrance of friends, family and supporters,” Hubbard said.

“This award is for everyone who has been a part of my Olympic journey.”

Hubbard, who became a woman in 2012, was allowed to compete in the Olympics due to a newly introduced rule that allows trans women to participate as long as their testosterone levels are below a certain level. Hubbard previously competed in weightlifting as a man.

“I see the Olympics as a global celebration of our beliefs, ideals and values, and I want to thank the IOC for making the sport inclusive and accessible,” Hubbard said in a statement after being allowed to participate in the Olympics.

“I’m not here to change the world. I want to be myself and do what I do.”