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First to Zeeland: Apply for a driver’s license online in Rimmerswall

According to RDW spokeswoman Therese de Vroman, you can also apply for a new driver ‘s license at the counter in the town hall. Mainly simpler to use digitally, more anti-fraud and more user friendly. It also ensures a quick turnaround time at the counter.

Digital updates are possible in Reimerswall until August 1, but confirmation of this will not be followed until mid-July. The municipality may need an extra month for the introduction, said Lydon Wizfels of the Reimswall municipality.

Instruction video

RTW is a specialty Instruction video The method is explained in a few steps. When applying for a new driver’s license online, a digital passport photo is required. The photographer sends it to the RTW, and if the application is approved, the new driver’s license can be picked up at Town Hall two days later.

The online service only applies to renewing existing driver’s licenses, an RDW spokesman insisted. If you are applying for a driver’s license for the first time, you can only do so at the Town Hall counter.


Fifty municipalities in the Netherlands have now decided to participate in RDW’s DAR program. The project was launched in October 2018 and de Vruman said the experiences of municipalities and residents have been positive. This is the reason why we are expanding this program to other regions including Zeeland.

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