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Hungary was the first EU country to boycott the Durban Conference

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Due to the anti-Semitic nature of these meetings, the UN Convention against Racism Durban has become the first EU country to announce that it will not attend the 20th anniversary of the World Conference.

“The Hungarian government has one Completely intolerant We are fully committed to anti-Semitic policy and ensuring the security of the Jewish people, and we continue to represent them in the international arena, ”said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sigzarde in a letter to Mark Weitzman, Director of Government Affairs at the Simon Wisendel Center in Los Angeles.

“In this sense, Hungary does not support the Durban process, but convenes a high-level meeting to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Durban Declaration and approval of the plan and voted against the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 31 December 2020. Action,” he wrote.

After the city of South Africa, the 2001 World Conference on Racism, also known as Durban I, was the center of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda and the largest public display of anti-Semitism since the end of national socialism. In 1945.

The initial draft of the resolution passed at the Durban Government Conference compared Zionism to racism and prompted the United States and Israel to withdraw from the conference. The final draft did not condemn Zionism as racist, but listed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the only conflict under the heading “Victims of racism, racial discrimination, racism and related sectarianism.”

The NGO in Durban approved a resolution calling Israel a “racist country.” Including anti-Semitic products The ethics of the elders of Zion Other anti-Semitic items were distributed during the event.

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Mary Robinson, general secretary of the Durban Conference, refused to accept the document because it contained “terrible anti-Semitism.”

The United States did not attend the Durban II and III follow-up conferences in 2009 and 2011, respectively, because the original conference “became a session in which the people expressed their hostility to Israel, often in hypocritical and counterproductive ways,” President Obama said in 2009.

Israel, Canada, Italy, AustraliaLater Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland boycotted the conference. In 2011, the number of countries boycotting Durban III increased to 14.

Last week, the United Kingdom, along with the United States, Canada and Australia boycotted Durban IV, “after historic anti-Semitic concerns”

France is also expected to withdraw, an embassy source said last month, but has not yet released an official statement. An official from the German Foreign Ministry said Berlin had not yet made a decision on the matter.

Earlier this month, UN Ambassador Gilad Erdon said he planned to hold an event shift as an alternative to the Durban conference, which would fight racism without anti-Semitic outbursts.

Durban Anti-Semitic Conference

The answer of the late Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

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