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Flanders ready for the World Championships: 'Expect a million visitors' |  cycling world championship

Flanders ready for the World Championships: ‘Expect a million visitors’ | cycling world championship

Thomas van den Spiegel told Radio 1 about the personalities behind the World Cup. “400 people work full time, but we also have more than 4,000 volunteers for 8 days of events. We’re expecting about 1 million visitors and we’re set 60 km away.”

“There are also 14 kilometers of roads that are not well maintained. This is not actually visible. It is a bit bigger than the Tour of Flanders. We organize this every year and it only takes 1 day. Consider this 8 days of the Tour of Flanders.”

Fans were finally welcomed back along the track. There is still a bit of talk about many aura metrics. “It’s a very strange feeling,” says Van Den Spiegel. “We’re almost used to organizing a race without an audience.”

“Now everyone can come to the track. The advantage of cycling is that it takes place outdoors. We are very happy that everyone can come to the track.”

However, there are still minor points to note. “We recommend the use of a mouth mask if distance cannot be guaranteed. In addition to the COVID chapter, there is also a large commuting chapter. We advise, especially on Sundays, not to go to Knokke, Bruges, Antwerp or Leuven by car. Coming.”

“We’ve been working on the organization for 3 years. In 2018 we said we wanted to make it the biggest and most beautiful World Cup ever. Despite everything, because COVID threw a wrench in the works.”

“You also feel how alive it is. Not only here, but also in the entire cycling world, people are eagerly looking forward to this World Cup. I think we will also put Flanders on the map with this World Cup. Eyes from the world are looking at us Over 300 million people watching If I’m not mistaken, he’s on TV screens in 124 countries.”

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