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Vlaamse reeks ‘De kraak’ in Duitsland op tv, bij VTM ligt ze na twee jaar nog altijd in de schuif

Flemish series De kraak in Germany on TV, at VTM is …

Flemish fiction series Squatting It went under the title last weekend Bank hacker On the TV premiere in Germany. That while in their country, after more than two years of recordings, there is still no broadcast date.

The first TV show of the series, which VTM had requested at the time, was shown on ZDFneo in Germany. As is usual with our eastern neighbors for serials in another language, they also have Squatting Dubbed in German.

Story of the Squatting The movie is about 20-year-old Jeremy Peters, a shy but intelligent computer expert. He lives in complete secrecy and has never dealt with justice. But when he wins a hacker contest as an IT student, a phishing gang asks him to digitally hack an international bank. With his help, they want to commit the biggest bank robbery ever and seize 350 million euros. Their target is a large bank in Frankfurt.

Guest role for the former Miss Belgium

Squatting It is based on real facts. The main role is Tijmen Govaerts (27), who is currently playing the VRT drama series 1985 Films about the Van Neville gang. at Squatting Perfoets, Manuel Brockmann, Quinn de Grave and Jorin Seldeslachts explain the gangsters. Also participating in the conference are Miller, Hilda de Bardemaker, Ella John Henard, Chris Thejs and Dirk Van Dyck. An amazing guest role has been dedicated to former Miss Belgium Veronique de Kock.

Fall 2018 enrollments took place in Antwerp, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. Squatting Written by Christoph Hofkins, the man behind it SpitzbreathersAnd the actor Martin Goffin. At the moment, it remains unclear when the series will be released with us.

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Photo: ZDF / The People
Flemish series 'De kraak' in Germany on TV, at VTM still on shelves two years later
Photo: ZDF / Thomas Dhanens